Elite Virtual Fitness Camp

8 Week Personal Training Program

These "LIVE" sessions are customized to your fitness goals. All 16 sessions are conveniently booked based on what works for your schedule. This plan includes a consultation with a Nutritionist to create a blueprint that will assist you with cleaning up your eating habits. This will help you tackle that stubburn belly fat and help decrease your overall body fat. Weekly meal assessments and workout accountability will assist you with staying focused during the 8 weeks. A lot of positive changes can take place, so let's get focused, committed, and determined to see them.

4 Week Virtual Fitness Camp

Group Training

Do you need a little company while you workout? Does your schedule only allow you to workout early mornings? These 5:30am group workouts are full of encouragment and support from other campers who share a similar fitness goal. With a combination of total body sculpting and cardio blast workouts, these 8 sessions will have you well on your way to acheiving your fitness goals. Utilize the clean eating grocery list, give 150% in the sessions, respect the process, and enjoy the positive results. 

Bridal Boot Camp

12 Week Personal Training Experience

Now that you've said "I DO", the pressures of looking as amazing as possible in your wedding dress are starting to overwhelm you. No need!! This 12 week experience will provide you with 24 customized "LIVE" workouts, which are scheduled to your convenience.  You will recieve a customized meal plan to help you eat cleaner and get rid of those unwanted pounds. No need to concern yourself with what to do outside of your scheduled workouts, because you will receive weekly workout homework to complete. Lastly, in addition to weekly meal assessments and workout accountability, you will receive 3 virtual follow-up assessments throughout the 12 weeks. Let's make that dress look good....you make the dress, the dress doesn't make you.

Drop 10 Challenge

Experience 10 days of eating clean and working out

Join this group of highly motivated women who desire to clean up their eating, get more consistent with their workouts, or just need some accountability. You will receive live encouragement, support, meal tips and ideas around the clock. This is a good way to get your feet wet and jump start your weight loss journey. Click here for an overview of the challenge.

Body Sculpting Plan

Create your workout experience from this blueprint

Sometimes you may find yourself getting into a rut with your workouts....maybe because you are just bored with your routine. This body sculpting plan consists of over 20 exercises, various workout circuits, and multiple cardio blasting combinations to help you sculpt your body and burn calories. In the past, you had to think about what your workout would consist of, now you can conveniently choose what you want to work and follow the blueprint. 

Customized Plans

Workouts prepared based on your goals

You are not new to working out, you just need a routine to help you achieve your specific goals. These customized workouts will help you get there.

Community Health and Wellness Ambassador Program

FREE one-hour interactive sessions for Non-Profits 

The Fulton-DeKalb Hospital Authority (FDHA) has been the proud owner of Grady Memorial Hospital for over 75 years. Part of FDHA's mission is to meet the unmet needs of indigent and medically underserved populations in Fulton and DeKalb counties by educating, empowering, and engaging the community.


As a way of meeting people where they are, the Community Health and Wellness Ambassadors deliver educational and interactive 1-hour sessions at organizations within Fulton and DeKalb counties. The primary focus is on healthy lifestyles that will raise awareness around obesity, hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease. 


Ambassadors have available community clinical resources and are equipped to deliver all educational materials to community members, including any audience age from youth to seniors.