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Drop 10 Challenge

Experience 10 days of eating clean and working out

Elite Virtual Fitness Camp

12 Week Personal Training Program

These "LIVE" fitness sessions are all about YOU and your health and wellness goals. You can conveniently book all 24 sessions based on your schedule. The plan includes a consultation to align your eating habits with your physical activity level, helping you tackle belly fat and decrease overall body fat. Weekly meal assessments and workout accountability will keep you focused during the 12 weeks. Schedule a complimentary, no-pressure conversation today to see if this plan is right for you.

Virtual Fitness Camp

Group Training

Do you want a little company while you workout? Working on being consistent with your workouts? These  group sessions are full of encouragement and support from other campers who share a similar a healthier lifestyle. With a combination of 30 minute total body sculpting and cardio blast workouts, these 12 sessions will have you well on your way to achieving your fitness goals. This camp meets for 4 weeks and the session days and times are as follows... Tues. | Thurs.  - 6:30pm and Sat. 9:30am. Stay consistent, give 150% in the sessions, trust the process, and enjoy the positive results. Register for the next camp TODAY for only $25. Click here for a quick video trailer!

Wellness Reset Workshop

1 Hour Wellness Group Session (Businesses and Non-profits ONLY)

Maintaining your personal wellness while passionately serving the community can be overwhelming. From trying to incorporate healthier eating habits to establishing a consistent workout schedule... it can make you feel like you're running in place and going nowhere. This virtual wellness session focuses on helping you identify lifestyle adjustments needed in order to create an effective wellness routine that works for you. After this workshop, participants go from being frustrated about their wellness journey to feeling more empowered, aware, and motivated to make the change they need. This session works great for corporations and non-profit organizations.

20 Day Workout

20 minute circuits for 20 days

Sometimes you may find yourself getting into a rut with your workouts....maybe because you are just bored with your routine. This 20 day plan provides a variety of workout circuits and you can knock them out in 20 minutes. You'll get the best of both worlds with this workout plan...a consistent workout routine and it won't take long to complete.

Massage Sessions

18+ years of massage therapy experience

If you are interested in adding massages to your next corporate event, health fair, or wellness workshop.... LET’S CONNECT!!

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