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Stephanie "Boom Shock" Jones is an extreme motivator. She’s a health and wellness coach — a personal trainer, massage therapist, community health ambassador and diabetes prevention lifestyle coach — who pushes her clients to do more than they’ve ever imagined. 


Her mission is to help women find what works for them on their health and wellness journey." 

Stephanie didn’t start out focused on fitness, but decided to live a healthier lifestyle when she moved to Atlanta, GA. 

Her cousin — a professional bodybuilder — trained consistently and committed to a clean diet. The results of his labor sparked her interest. She wanted to treat her own body just as well, and in 2004, she participated in her first bodybuilding competition. She also completed a massage and wellness program at Atlanta School of Massage that same year. She was hooked.

 In 2010, Stephanie started her professional fitness journey. The University of Maryland accounting grad officially traded in her briefcase for weights. She became an IFA certified personal trainer and opened up her business, Boom Shock Fitness. Shortly after, she became a fitness instructor at Spelman College, Fulton County Government, and joined the health education team at Kaiser Permanente.

In 2015, she received an AFAA group fitness certification and became a Diabetes Prevention Lifestyle Coach through the CDC in 2016 to add to her growing list of accomplishments.

“My mindset was never to become a professional bodybuilder or fitness model,” Stephanie says, “But to help that average, everyday person figure out how to become better on their health and wellness journey.”

Stephanie has worked closely with the Fulton-Dekalb Hospital Authority (currently operating as one of their Community Health Ambassadors), Center for Black Women's Wellness, Atlanta Girls’ School, The City of South Fulton, and Highland Athletic Club to spread her energetic influence to large audiences throughout Atlanta. Additionally, you can have a little fitness fun with Stephanie at events such as the FireFly Run, the Color Run, the Women's Health and Fitness Expo, and Atlanta's Annual Ice Cream Festival.

You can also catch Stephanie’s fitness segment, called “Circuit Break” on Fulton County’s Government Station - FGTV.

Stephanie happily resides in Atlanta, Georgia, and when she’s not pushing clients to their limits, she’s at her local roller skating rink enjoying a fun workout of her own.

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