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Wednesday Night Cardio Dance Party

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Looking for a fun way to stay fit? Join us every Wednesday night at 6:00pm at One Family Resource Center in Douglasville, GA for an hour of cardio dance, good music, and lots of laughs! This class is completely FREE, so come on out and let's get moving together! #HealthIsWealth #Let'sGetMoving 

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Boom Shock
Fitness & Wellness

Where I help you find what works for YOU on your health and wellness journey.

Kim Drayer

“Last year, I was on blood pressure medicine. With the help of Stephanie, I no longer have to take it. I’m having fun and look forward to my workouts.”

Erica Anderson

“I lacked discipline, motivation, and failed to set fitness goals...even though I wanted results. As a result of Stephanie, I have more stamina, positive self-esteem, and a new found discipline. My fitness journey has become a lifestyle.”

Trindalin Browning

“Stephanie’s personality, enthusiasm, compassion and energy are a few things that draw you to her as a person. She sparked a passion in me to start working out and change my lifestyle.”

Progress looks different on everyone. Before and after pictures are meant for inspiration not for comparison. 



I'm Stephanie Jones....
Affectionately known as "Boom Shock" in the health and wellness community since I started Boom Shock Fitness and Wellness in 2010.

A burst of energy, a sprinkle of positivity, and a glass-half-full outlook on life - that's my vibe.  As a licensed massage therapist, certified personal trainer and stretch therapist, sports nutrition specialist and diabetes prevention lifestyle coach, I find joy in laughter and uplifting women who feel frustrated or overwhelmed on their health and wellness journey. 

My mission revolves around assisting women aged 40 and above, particularly those dealing with prediabetes or hypertension, in establishing healthier lifestyle habits to enhance their overall quality of life. Think of me as your health and wellness hype woman!
I want to help you become better on your fitness journey. Tackle the frustrations related to achieving your fitness goals and show you that there's no cookie cutter way to be successful at this healthier living thing. 

You have to find what works for you and WORK IT!! If I'm able to help you do that...then I've done my part. 

Corporate Office

1100 Peachtree St. NE #200

Atlanta, GA 30309




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