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Boom Shock

Fitness & Wellness

Where I help you find what works for YOU on your health and wellness journey.


Eat and train based on your goals and you will see the results that you want!!



I'm Stephanie "Boom Shock" Jones....
An energetic and "glass half full" personal trainer, a massage therapist who loves to laugh and encourage the frustrated and overwhelmed, and my obsession is helping women get back to taking time out for themselves. 
I want to help you become better on your fitness journey. Tackle the frustrations related to achieving your fitness goals. Show you that there's no cookie cutter way to be successful at this healthier living thing. 

You have to find what works for you on your fitness journey....and WORK IT!! If I'm able to help you do that...then I've done my part. 

Clients just can't get enough of the convenience of being able to train virtually with Boom Shock Fitness' LIVE Virtual Workouts!! Such a convenient option for working out that even brides are utilizing this amazing program. So much that the Bridal Boot Camp is displayed in Modern Luxury Weddings Magazine!!! Training virtually is very simple.....Just connect via smartphone/ computer/ tablet/ smart TV and never have to worry about the commute,  weather, or even having a babysitter. All "BRIDES TO BE", please sign up for your free telephone consultation by clicking here.

Corporate Office

1100 Peachtree St. NE #200

Atlanta, GA 30309




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