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   At Boom Shock Fitness, we strive to not only help individuals develop better eating habits and establish a workout regime that works for them, but we love to have FUN during the process.

There isn't a magical way of working out and training to develop a healthier lifestyle. You have to find what you enjoy and incorporate it into your overall healthier way of living..

 As founder and CEO of the small business sensation Boom Shock Fitness, Stephanie Jones has successfully gained more than a foothold in changing the way communities view opportunities to get fit. Quickly becoming known by industry peers and her personal circle of friends for her energy and “You better WOORRK” approach to fitness, Stephanie always encourages everyone she meets to find their lane in fitness and enjoy the ride!  

   How many of you are looking for a change in pace with your workouts? Who needs a little direction with cleaning up your eating as you make overall changes in your health? One of the challenges that Boom Shock Fitness has to offer can help. There's nothing like CHANGE. Sometimes all you need is a 7 day, 20 day, or 30 day challenge to make the difference.

Everything comes to an end, even hard times.


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