Boom Shock Fitness

8 Week Virtual Fitness Camp

FINALLY, a structured workout that you can complete at the start of your day, see results, and never even have to leave your house!!!

Benefits of the 8 Week Virtual Fitness Camp...

* Consultation - in order to achieve your fitness goals, you have to know where you are starting

* Weekly meal log checks

* Forget about struggling to figure out how to eat cleaner, a grocery list and recipe book will be provided to help

* 16 total workouts (we will meet virtually weekly at YOUR scheduled time)

* These structured workouts are effective, intense, specific and customized. Modifications available when needed.

* 15 minute reflections before each workout to allow you to ask questions, vent, etc.

* Follow the blueprint provided and lose 5 pounds in your 1st week

* Experience one-on-one training.....YES, these are PERSONAL TRAINING SESSIONS customized to YOUR GOALS